Special Economic
Zone "Dubna"

Priority areas of activities:

  • Nuclear physics (nanotechnology)
  • Bio- and medical technologies
  • IT (information technologies)
  • Complex technological systems design


Building 5, 4 Programmistov str. 141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia






Special Economic Zone "Dubna"

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Dubna Cluster for Nuclear Physics and Nano Technologies

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Special Economic Zone "Dubna" is situated approximately 100 km north of Moscow in international scientific center Dubna.

Geographic coordinates of SEZ "DUBNA" 56.754123N 37.163036E




Technological Innovation Special Economic Zone "Dubna" was established in the territory of Dubna, Moscow region by RF Government Decree #781 of December 21, 2005.

Special Economic Zones of Technological Innovation Type are set up for increase of Russian market share in international markets of hi-tech products and machinery development for concentration of intellectual assets and other resources for solutions of priority tasks in S&T sphere in modern conditions and in definite territory.

Areas of activities developed in SEZ Dubna

- Information technologies

-Nuclear physics technologies and nanotechnologies

-Biological and medical technologies

-Composite materials

-Complex engineering systems


Resident  has the right to carry out in the territory of the Special Economic Zone technological innovation activities only.  

Technological Innovation Activity means creation, production and sale of scientific and technical products, creation and implementation of computer programs, data bases, IC topologies, information systems, rendering services for introduction and support of such products, programs, bases, topologies and systems, production of scientific and technical products. 


A policy of the state preferences for residents is pursued at the SEZ "Dubna":

Tax preferences:

-exemption from property tax in the first 5 years;

-exemption from tax on land in the first 5 years;

- reduction of the uniform social tax;

-reduction of the tax rate on profit;

-exemption from payment of transport tax.

The customs treatment applicable to free customs zone is in effect in the SEZ, at which

foreign goods are placed and used within the limits of the SEZ territory without payment of customs duties and V.A.T, and without application to the goods of any bans and restrictions of economic nature.

Russian goods are placed and used on conditions, applicable to exportation in compliance with customs treatment of export with payment of excise duties, but without payment of export duties.

Other preferences for residents:

Offer of temporary accommodation for invited specialists (around 150 apartments);

Ready-to-use centers with laboratory equipment;

Access to all kinds of expensive research and test-production equipment provided by Nanotechnological Center Dubna;

Offer on lease terms land plots for construction, roads and all engineering and utility service networks are already built and functioning, land redemption upon finished construction;

Connection to electricity and utility service networks is conducted for free;

Opportunity to train specialized staff with help of SEZ Dubna educational center;

Access to data transfer channels with up to 20 - 800 GB/sec capacity;

Venture financing for the projects;

Special support of scientific and technological projects through the state funds for support;

Preferential credit arrangements for scientific and technological projects.


Social infrastructure of the Special EconomicZone

For temporary sojourn of invited specialists and highly skilled specialists 2 hostels apartment-type, a polyclinic, multifunctional sports centre have been constructed, reconstruction of access roads has been done at the expense of the RF budget and the local budget. Specialists of the resident companies have an opportunity to acquire housing on mortgage lending terms and conditions. Construction of a school, 2 kindergartens, first apartment houses for specialists of the SEZ resident companies in adjoining territory is in process. 



Within SEZ Dubna development  program main city policlinics has been renovated,  construction of 2 new sports centers have been completed. New 190-bed treatment building for Dubna city hospital is under construction.

Construction of new customs terminal is near completion.

50 megawatt high-voltage substation is being prepared for commission.  


Innovation Technology Center

The key and base value for the Special Economic Zone is Innovation Technology Center representing a complex of 5 buildings: 

-  building #1 - hotel with 129 rooms (about 280 persons, single and double rooms)

-  building # 2 - business-incubator for 30 - 40 companies

-  building # 3 and  building Nr. 4 - business/office buildings for personnel of the resident-companies

-  building # 5 - Congress Centre includes convention and exhibition spaces and SEZ administration offices.

(#1-4 are three-storey buildings with underground parking and engineering and utilities services rooms)

Total area of three floors of each building - 7.2 thousand sq.

ITC complex of buildings was commissioned in June 2009. (building of Congress Centre was commissioned in November 2008.).

At present at SEZ Dubna has been registered 96 resident-companies, of them 35 companies specialize in information technologies, 35 companies - in nuclear physics (nano) technologies and bio- and medical technologies, 26 companies - in designing complex technological systems. At the same time 35 companies plan own construction, 41 companies - lease of premises.

15 more applications of the companies for the status of resident are under consideration.

Total planned number of resident companies - 300-350

Number of jobs-10 000

Research and production facilities by resident-companies currently under construction:


Layout of SEZ sections


Total territory of  SEZ - 187.7 hectares

 Programmers' Township (adjoining territory) - 330.0 hectares

Section of serial productions of the New Industrial Estate (adjoining territory) - 72.0 hectares

Expected cost of objects of an infrastructure. which construction is planned not at the expense of budget funds, is 15.5 billion rbl. (520 million $), financed as on 01.01.10.-6.8 billion rbl. (230 million $)










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