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Московская область, г. Дубна, ул. Программистов, д.4
+7-496-216-60-60 (доб. 2445)


·         Special Economic Zone for Innovations "Dubna" was established in the territory of Dubna, Moscow region by Russian Federation Government Decree #781 of December 21, 2005


·         Agreement on SEZ “Dubna” creation was signed by Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow region Governor and Dubna city mayor on January 18th 2006



·         SEZ “Dubna” territory consists of two plots:  Plot #1 – 135,7 hectares (335,3 acres) on the right bank side of town, Plot #2 – 52 hectares (128,5 acres) on the left bank

·         Priority areas of R&D and production activities in SEZ “Dubna” are: nuclear physics and nanotechnologies, IT, complex engineering systems design, bio- and medical technologies


·         Total number of residents planned – 300, number of residents at the moment – 100


·         55 000 sq. m. Innovation Technology Center is fully functioning and providing office rent on preferential terms for resident-companies


·         SEZ “Dubna” provides two placement opportunities for resident-companies to choose from. They can whether rent premises in Innovation Technological Center, or can get provided with prepared land plots for construction purposes without prior competition and allowances


Advantages of Dubna as a place for start-ups

and development of successful hi-tech enterprises


·         Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is the largest research center in Russia and collaborates with nearly 700 research centres and universities in 64 countries of the world


·         Dubna competes at world top levels in such research fields as nuclear technologies, aircrafts, digital electronics, composite materials, thin-film coating, laser processing technologies, automatic security systems, medical equipment, IT, geophysics etc.



·         Share amount of direct foreign investment into Moscow region is 12%, which makes 33% of Russia’s total


·         Optimal geographical location - “not too far and not too close” to Moscow, Sheremetevo International Airport is 90km (60 miles) to the south


·         Special economic zone “Dubna” provides tax and customs preferences, fully prepared land plots for construction, friendly and favorable treatment of administrative procedures



·         Dubna University annually supplies local labor market with  over 600 graduates


·         Municipal programme of provision of preferential temporary accommodation for invited specialists is permanently in action


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